Entry #1

Should I post more of my art?

2010-03-21 17:26:36 by WhiteFireEclipse

I've been wondering if I should post more of my artwork. (Which I think I should if I wanna get noticed.) But I know this site is mostly for flash and music, but since they had the Art Portal placed on this site, then I got really interested. I've been meaning to try and remix a song or two, but haven't found the time to do it lately, since I have a "job."

Anyway, should I keep posting my art on here? Like my comic, or just random illustrations? For those of you who will HOPEFULLY be reading this then thanks for reading, for the others who don't, screw you. >:/


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2010-03-21 17:49:09


WhiteFireEclipse responds:

Tell me your reason why. I would like to know.


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