2010-04-28 17:13:47 by WhiteFireEclipse

Oh noez, no post for a long time! Haha, I have no idea. I'm starting to forget about my account here since hardly anyone is commenting on my art. >.>' Oh well... can't change that, but I'm gonna continue posting them! <3

Gettin there.

2010-04-08 13:55:08 by WhiteFireEclipse

Been awhile since I've posted something.. yeh, I've been distracted with a lot of things, but don't worry, I'll have more pictures and animations.. oh and some music on here soon. ;P And yes I will be making some music. Trying to remix or remake some of my favorite video game music, so can't wait to try that. :) Besides, I need to show my musical side. xD;

Anyway, that's what I have to say now. Thanks! :)

Alrighty then!

2010-03-22 07:22:14 by WhiteFireEclipse

Okay, one comment from the last one, but oh well, I need to post more. xD;;;

I finally finished the line art for page seven of SONIC X.S. so I'll be getting that colored and shaded and what not soon, so can't wait to get started on it! :D

Other than that I have a picture of Dark Super Sonic on the way too, so I need to finish that. XP

So yeh, I'll be posting more art and hopefully more animations, but I hafta install Flash on my laptop again. <.< It sucks because my Grandma's computer won't let me use it because the "License" expired on it, so bleh... >/ Oh well. Keep in touch for that. :D

I've been wondering if I should post more of my artwork. (Which I think I should if I wanna get noticed.) But I know this site is mostly for flash and music, but since they had the Art Portal placed on this site, then I got really interested. I've been meaning to try and remix a song or two, but haven't found the time to do it lately, since I have a "job."

Anyway, should I keep posting my art on here? Like my comic, or just random illustrations? For those of you who will HOPEFULLY be reading this then thanks for reading, for the others who don't, screw you. >:/